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STC Offers a wide range of product and service offerings to be a one stop shop for all your CAT Maintenance needs

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Spare Parts Supply

With over 4 million SKUs IN STOCK, STC Engineering today boards the largest range of CAT Genuine and Aftermarket spare parts.

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STC Express

STC Express helps you get the parts you need from all around the globe in the least possible time. We help you achieve you goals in most mission critical and time bound applications.

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STC Consultancy

Our engineering team will help you choose the correct product-application fit to ensure the right parts go into your machines, offering reliable performance.

Diesel Engine Repair

Engine Repairs and Overhauls

We undertake overhauling and repair contracts for all series CAT® Engines. Our mechanics are experienced in the Mining, Marine and Oil and Gas Sectors. STC provides round the clock emergency services on customer request.

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Transmission Repairs and Overhaul

We undertake overhauling and repair contracts for all series CAT® Transmissions for mining and earth-moving applications, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, Dumpers and Tractors.

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Fuel Injector Repairs, Overhaul and Testing

With the commitment of using ONLY Genuine Fuel Injection spares with no compromise, our company services Fuel Injection Pumps, Injectors and Primary and Secondary Fuel Transfer systems. We also offer remanufacturing / exchange support.

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